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Where We Stayed

We based ourselves out side a small city called Progresso. This site is only about ahour drive from there.

About the Site

This site was in existence from about 1,000 BC to the Spanish Conquest.  This is not evident from the small number of ruins visible at present, but there have been more than 8,000 structures mapped there, with major focal points linked by causeways.   It has a nice deep cenote (well) in which you can swim.  When we got there, people were already taking a dip. This cenote was significant in ancient times since more than 6,000 offerings have been found in it, some of which can be seen in the site's museum.  There are many nature trails for watching the large variety of birds around the site.Swimming in the Yacatan Click for Image

What's There

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Summer Soltice-Click for Image! Templo  de las Siete Mu˝ecas (Temple of the Seven Dolls) is aligned  with major astronomical points. During the summer solstice, the sun shines through to the Pinnacle here.Summer Solstice pinnacel

It is the only known Maya temple with windows and a tower instead of a roof comb.

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