Dungeons of Ghana's Slave Trade

Slave Exit to Waiting ships in Cape Coast Dungeons

Female Slave Exit

Ghana's castles and forts offer concrete testimony to the drama and human history and stand as witness to one of the world's tragic-events- the Slave Trade.
Cape Coast and El Mina has seen the passage of numerous foreign powers. Initially constructed as a small trading lodge in the 16'th century, the building was subsequently altered and enlarged becoming a substantial fort by 1637. It was later captured by the Swedes and named Fort Carolusberg, finally becoming a British possession in 1664. Cape Coast Castle, through which thousands of slaves were shipped to the Caribbean and the UnitedStates, became the seat of British colonial administration until 1877 when government offices moved to Christianborg Castle in Osu near Accra |

Picture And Scenes From The Cape Coast and El Mina Slave Dungeons

Sister with Fisherman in the Gulf of New Guniea

Gulf of Guinea

dungeon view

Male Slave Dungeon Entrance

Sign of Cape Coast Dungeon

Cape Coast Dungeon Entrance

Typical Slave dungeon entrance

Cape Coast Slave Dungeon Top View

Aerial view of Dungeonl

FemaleSlave entrance to dungeons

Female Slave Dungeon Entrance

Sister peering in freshwater cistern on slave dungeon

Holding cell at El Mina Dungeons

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Cannons of El Mina

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In Memory of Ancestors

solemn sister pondering in female slave dungeon

Remembering your History

sister in tour on roof of dungeon

Tour guide at El Mina

El Mina Wide Angle View

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Wide angle view of CapeCoast Dungeon

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